September schedule / 9月営業予定

(English below)

夜には虫の声が聞こえてくるようになりました。まだまだ暑さが続くようですが、ぜひTEA & TAPSへ涼みにいらしてください。






  • 土日のランチ営業の閉店時間が14:30となります。
  • 9月2日(土)は御殿場駅前でイベント「GOOD NIGHT」(@good.night) に参加します! 夜のにぎやかな御殿場駅前、想像するだけでワクワクします。お近くの方も、そうでない方も、ぜひ足をお運びください。
  • 9月17日(日)は祝日前日のため23時まで営業します!


  • 店舗周辺での喫煙、および店舗利用中の喫煙のための一時退店をお断りしております。
  • 混雑時は110分ほどでお席をお譲りいただくようお願いする場合があります。

We hope you will come to TEA & TAPS to cool off in the still hot weather.

Voice from TIELS Brewery

Now we’re serving such a wonderful lineup of fruit ales: Chamomile Lemon Wheat, Blueberry Sour, O’gonkan (Golden Citrus) Hazy IPA, and Ume Saison.

]This year’s Sweet Corn Lager has more corn aroma than last year’s. German Helles, simple, easy to drink, is also very popular. We have only a few kegs left in stock. Please get in early!

The new batches of American Pale Ale and Session IPA will be ready soon, and the lagers for the fall season have started conditioning.

News from TEA & TAPS

  • We have changed our closing time for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays to 14:30.
  • On September 2, we will participate in the “GOOD NIGHT” event (@good.night) in front of Gotemba Station! Just imagine how exciting the Gotemba area will be at night. Whether you are in the neighborhood or not, please come and visit the event.
  • On Sunday, September 17, we will be open until 23:00, the day before a national holiday!

Please be advised not to smoke around the restaurant, or not to leave the restaurant for smoking.
We may ask you to give up your seat after about 110 minutes during busy times.